Historical result of ONICO Warszawa

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20 March, 2019 ONICO Warszawa played the last game in first stage of PlusLiga season. Our team had a match with Chemik Bydgoszcz which was defeated in three, fast sets. Although, this game was not impactful for situation in league table ONICO’s players celebrated a great achievement. For the first time in a more than hundred years old history of a club, ONICO Warszawa was in a semi-final of a Polish Championship.

The results of ONICO Warszawa has given a reason to think about the biggest goals and quality of team increased during a season after spectacular transfers of Bartosz Kurek and Niko Penchev. From December our team lost only one time with Skra Bełchatów - after a real battle ONICO’s players lost with a 2:3 result. A great aspect which could have a decisive impact for the end of the season is a chemistry in a team. Despite great individual players and a lot of characters the atmosphere which was built over the season pay dividends. It a necessary element which describe the best teams and inter alia this let the players make something historical.

Semi-final promotion is a big success and a club’s target for this season, but it is not a time to sum up everything! There are at least two rivals ahead of us, including the semi-final winner which will be a one from the pair of Skra Bełchatów - Jastrzębski Węgiel. Despite the fact that Jastrzębianie finished the season higher in the table PlusLiga, betting experts put in this duel on Skra. Who will be our rival in the semi-final? We will find out about it on March 30 at the earliest. Meanwhile, ONICO Warszawa will prepare for this duel by facing ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle on the neutral area in Częstochowa. Volleyball players from Kędzierzyn also are waiting for their semi-finalist and as a result of a long non-playing time both teams have decided that they will include in their training plan a fixture which will also involve some fans. We cordially invite you - tickets to buy on the website: 


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