What will 2019 be like in the energy and fuel market?


Marek Stanio, the President of the Management Board of ONICO S.A., was one of the guests of the New Year edition of the podcast by Grzegorz Nawacki, the editor-in-chief of „Puls Biznesu”. The conversation revolved around forecasts for the fuel and energy market in 2019. 

According to Marek Stanio, „It all depends on the situation in international markets. If we talk about fuels, we believe that the price decline from the end of 2018 may continue. However, the global situation and uncertainty in the international market may impact the market negatively in the second half of the year. Demand for oil always falls in the first quarter, but it then grows in the second and third quarter, so we believe the prices are very likely to rebound. They may fail to reach the record level from August and September 2018, but they should increase.”

The situation in the energy and fuel market depends on the economic and geopolitical situation in the world, while the prices of fuels in petrol stations are also affected by local conditions. 

We invite you to listen to the whole podcast at: https://www.pb.pl/rok-2019-widziany-z-excela-i-gwiazd-949716