First rail cars arrive at the Terminal in Narewka

Pierwszy pociąg PLANTA LPG 4.jpg

The first liquid gas supplies were delivered by rail to the Terminal in Narewka – real estate owned by the ONICO Group – just before Christmas. Over 20 cars with propane and propane-butane were unloaded into tanks located at the new tax warehouse. 

In accordance with an administrative decision issued at the beginning of December by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office, ONICO Gas sp. z o.o., member of the ONICO Group, received an extended licence for the production, trading, storage and transshipment of liquid gas (LPG) using the above-mentioned Terminal infrastructure.

The plots of land are located near the Siemianówka/Svislach railway border crossing on the Poland-Belarus border. Owing to its location and infrastructure, the Terminal is the only such facility at this border crossing capable of efficient gas transshipment from eastern broad-gauge rail tankers into tankers suitable for the European normal-gauge system and into tank trucks. The facilities located in the real estate include tanks with the capacity of 2800 m3, a broad-gauge and normal-gauge railway siding with facilities for unloading and loading of gas and an unloading/loading terminal for tank trucks. This investment will enable the company to reduce its logistics costs and, consequently, increase its trading margin. It will also improve the flexibility of the company’s operations, leading to increased gas trading volumes.

As indicated by the report of the Polish LPG Association, the consumption of LPG in Poland last year amounted to almost 2495 thousand tonnes, and saw a year-on-year increase by 5.9%. Almost 83% of national consumption is being satisfied through import, mainly from the eastern countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and Belarus. The total worth of 2017 imports was assessed by the Polish LPG Association as EUR 890 million.