ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon - 3 days to start

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This Sunday, over 7,000 runners from 24 countries will be at the start at Kosciuszki Square in Gdynia to face the distance of 21 km and 97.5 m during ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon.

Chabowski, Kimaiyo, Nowakowska and Oigo are just a part of the names of the sports elite, which will be in ONICO Gdynia Halfmarathon in three days. A group of 15 best runners are created by six women and nine men from around the world. The list is opened by Hillary Kiptum Kimaiyo - winner of ONICO Gdynia Halfmarathon from 2016 and 2017. Kenyan's life record is 1:01:05. The best life among the ladies who will start in Gdynia can boast of Christine Moraa Oigo. Her personal record is 1:11:32. At the start there will also be top Polish runners, namely Dominika Nowakowska and Marcin Chabowski. Their records at the marathon distance are 1:12:37 and 1:02:26 respectively.

In 2017, Hillary Kiptum Maiyo Kimaiyo won in ONICO Gdynia Półmaratonie, which came on time with 1:02:55. The fastest of the Poles was Tomasz Grycko. Among the women the best was Marokanka, Fatih Benchatka, who, as 1:12:23, set the women's record of the Gdynia half-marathon route.

The distance of the half marathon will be able to be won not only individually, but also together with family or friends - in the form of a relay race. On Saturday, March 17, there will be gears for children. To be overcome, depending on the age, will be from 250 meters to 2 kilometers.

ONICO Gdynia Półmaraton for the second time was in the group of prestigious street runs in the world, obtaining the IAAF Road Race Bronze Label certificate. This confirms the high organizational and sporting level of the Gdynia event. IAAF Road Race Label has less than a hundred runs worldwide. However, by 2020, by the decision of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), Gdynia will host the World Championships in the Halfmarathon - one of the most important athletics events in the world.

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